14th International Conference on

Gastro Education

Theme: Exploring Novel Innovations and cutting edge technologies in the field of Gastroenterology

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London, UK

18 years of lifescience communication

Performers / Professionals From Around The Globe

Conference Speaker

Lucia Oliveira

Director Anorectal Physiology Dept.of Rio de Janeiro and CEPEMED

Conference Speaker

Carmen Cuffari

Johns Hopkins University

Conference Speaker

Ricardo Escalante

Vice President ISUCRS

Conference Speaker

Annette Byrne

Royal College of Surgeons

Conference Speaker

Oleksandr Babii

Institute of Gastroenterology of National Academy Medical Science of Ukraine

Conference Speaker

Iurii Mikheiev

Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Conference Speaker

Andreas Hillenbrand

Department of General Surgery

Conference Speaker

Nezar Almahfooz

Faruk Medical City

Conference Speaker

Hatim Al Abbadi

King Abdulaziz University
Saudi Arabia

Conference Speaker

Chau-Ting Yeh

Director Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Tracks & Key Topics

Gastro Education 2018

About Conference

EuroSciCon, takes the privilege to invite all the participants, speakers, students, delegates, sponsors, exhibitors from all over the world to attend ''14th  International Conference on Gastro Education’’, which is to be held on  September, 6-7, 2018 in London, UK.

Gastro Education 2018 will be organized under the theme “Exploring Novel Innovations and cutting edge technologies in the field of Gastroenterology’’ which covers wide range of critically important sessions. This conference deals with the current research developments in the field of Gastroenterology and also about the new treatment methods which are forge by scientists to treat various diseases in easier way.  This conference acts as a best platform for attendees to learn about the recent trends in Gastroenterology research and development.

The conference has been scheduled and implemented in accordance with the accreditation policies and requirements of the Accreditation Committee.

Gastro Education 2018 primarily concentrates on the most recent analytic and restorative methods for gastric maladies. This gastroenterology meeting unites Presidents and Eminent Personalities to investigate openings on developing stages in the field of Gastroenterology . With individuals from around the globe concentrated on finding out about most recent analytic and treatment systems of different gastrointestinal sicknesses and all the related parts of gastrointestinal ailments, this is your best chance to achieve the biggest collection of members from the whole world.

Euroscicon are corporate members of the following organisations-

  •    Royal Society of Biology
  •    IBMS
  •    British Society for Immunology
  •    Rare Care UK


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Track 01 : Fundamentals in Gastroenterology Gastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences | Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences | Gastroenterology 2018 | Gastroenterology Meetings

Gastroenterology is the field of medicine devoted specifically to treatment of the digestive system. The gastrointestinal tract is a tube-like structure which extends from the mouth to the anus. Histologically the gut comprises of four main layers:  the mucosa, which comprises epithelial cells (enterocytes, endocrine cells and others), the lamina propria and the muscularis mucosae; the submucosal; two muscle layers, an inner thick circular layer and an outer thin longitudinal layer; and a serosal layer. Functionally, the gastrointestinal tract supplies the body, including the gut itself, with nutrients, electrolytes and water by performing five different functions: motility, secretion, digestion, absorption and storage. The gut coordinates these functions by two control systems, intrinsic and extrinsic. 

Track 02 : Advancements in Gastroenterology Gastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

Gastroenterology is the field of medicine focused on the digestive system and its disorders. Diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which include the organs from mouth to anus, along the alimentary canal, are the focus of this speciality. Physicians practicing in this field are called gastroenterologists. A gastroenterologist should understand the normal physiology of the alimentary canal organs in order to continue healthy digestion, absorption of nutrients, and excretion of waste for further metabolic processes. Gastroenterology branch includes the normal function and diseases of the esophagus, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, liver stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum.

Track 03: Pediatric GastroenterologyGastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018  Gastroenterology Meetings

Pediatric Gastroenterology concerned with treating the gastrointestinal tract disorders of infants until age eighteen. Diseases concerned with are acute diarrhea, persistent vomiting, gastritis, and problems with the development of the gastric tract. Pediatric Gastroenterology has grown greatly in North America and Europe. A pediatrician can provide treatment to many gastric diseases, but chronic diseases, related with the nutrition of the children, the pancreas or the liver needs to be treated by a specialist.

Track 04 : Neuro-gastroenterologyGastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

Neuro-gastroenterology mainly focuses on the functions, malfunctions, and the malformations of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the digestive tract. Neuro-gastroenterology  is the study of the gut nerve and muscle physiology and morphology, and its interactions with the nervous system, the brain, hormones, neurotransmitters, pharmacology. Neuro-gastroenterology includes various sub disciplines that focus on the sensory neurobiology, motor function, , gut and brain interactions as well as the understanding and management of gastrointestinal motility and functional gastrointestinal disorders.

Track 05 : Gastrointestinal Surgery |  Gastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

Stomach related framework surgery, or Gastrointestinal surgery, can be partitioned into upper Gastrointestinal surgery and lower Gastrointestinal surgery. Upper gastrointestinal surgery, regularly alluded to as upper Gastrointestinal surgery, alludes to a routine with regards to surgery that spotlights on the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Lower gastrointestinal surgery incorporates colorectal surgery and surgery of the small digestive system.

Track 06 : Nano-gastroenterologyGastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

The new age of nanotechnology has signaled a stream of entrepreneurial possibilities in various areas, form industry to medicine. Drug delivery has benefited the most by introducing nanostructured systems in the transport and controlled release of therapeutic molecules at targeted sites associated with a particular disease. The well-characterized antimicrobial activities of numerous nanoparticles are currently being considered as a reliable and efficient alternative to the eminent world crisis in antimicrobial drug discovery. Drug loads can be delivered directly to the site of action, which can result in a reduction in incidence and severity of adverse systemic effects. The well-characterized antimicrobial activities of numerous nanoparticles are currently being considered as a reliable and efficient alternative to the eminent world crisis in antimicrobial drug discovery. Various applications of the most recently developed nanomaterials that have tremendous potential for the detection and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Track 07 : Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology |  Gastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology related to the basic science underlying digestive diseases and gastrointestinal cell biology, with particular emphasis on technological and thematic innovations in the field. Metaplasia, the procedure in which one kind of grown-up tissue replaces another, is a result of endless tissue injury. In the throat, gastroesophageal reflux sickness (GERD) is the condition that incessantly harms the squamous epithelium and causes its substitution by the intestinal-sort, columnar epithelium of Barrett's esophagus. The cell of beginning for this columnar metaplasia stays obscure, yet various competitors have been proposed. For instance, GERD may cause develop esophageal squamous cells to change into columnar cells (trans differentiation) or invigorate juvenile esophageal forebear cells (in the squamous epithelium or in the channels of esophageal submucosal organs) to separate unusually into Short-entrail disorder (SBS) happens after a long surgical resection of small digestive system.

Track 08: Gastrointestinal Disorders and symptomsGastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

| Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

The function of the Gastrointestinal system is to process nutrients and energy from food and fluids that you ingest. To do this, the Gastrointestinal system first needs to break foods down or 'digest' them into their simplest forms. The process of digestion breaks starch and sugars from carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, potatoes and pasta into simple sugars such as glucose and fructose. In people with Gastrointestinal Disorders, these functions are impaired. Digestion of foods can be reduced, so fewer nutrients are converted into a usable form. The symptoms of the presence of a digestive disease are bloody stool, constipation , abdominal cramps, weight loss, heartburn, pale skin or yellowish skin. 

Track 09: Gut Microbiome  | Gastro Conferences Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

The bacterial cells harbored within the human gastrointestinal tract outnumber the host’s cells by a factor of 10 and the genes encoded by the bacteria resident within the gastrointestinal tract outnumber their host’s genes by more than 100 times. These human digestive-tract associated microbes are referred to as the gut microbiome. The human gut microbiome and its role in both health and disease has been the subject of extensive research, establishing its involvement in human metabolism, nutrition, physiology, and immune function.

Track10 : Diagnostic and Therapeutic Innovations in Gastroenterology Gastro Conferences Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Gastroenterology involves comprehensive detection, treatment and management options for patients with acute and chronic gastrointestinal conditions. Gastrointestinal diseases are at an all-time high. According to various studies, 1 in 4 people is suffering from at least one of the gastrointestinal infections at any given point in time. The gastrointestinal diseases require treatment and the pharmacological treatment are divided into 2 categories- the prescription drugs and Over the Counter (OTC) drugs. Gastrointestinal drugs are prescribed based on the diagnostic results yielded during the hematological or imaging tests. The most common diagnosis is done through endoscopy.

Track 11: Gastroenteritis Gastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

 Gastroenteritis, commonly referred to as the "stomach flu, include the combination of diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Fever, lack of energy, and dehydration may also occur. This typically lasts less than two weeks. Depending on the cause, viral gastroenteritis symptoms may appear within one to three days after you're infected and can range from mild to severe Gastroenteritis can be due to infections by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus. The most common cause is viruses. In children, rotavirus is the most common cause of severe disease.  .Gastroenteritis basically occurs due to eating improperly prepared foods, drinking contaminated water, or through close contact with an individual who is already infected. Treatment initially consists of self-care measures.

Track 12 : Nutrition, Obesity and Eating DisordersGastro Conferences Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

Gastrointestinal tract, including the liver and pancreas, is a complex system whose function is to process a wide range of nutrient and other products enabling their absorption as well as detoxification and excretion. During the process, food is converted into energy and into other substances that are used by cells throughout the entire body. Many diseases can affect the various organs of the gastrointestinal system and diet plays a relatively minor role in the onset of such gastrointestinal diseases. Gastrointestinal disease many result from deficiency or excess of specific nutrients in normal individuals. In allergic or susceptible subjects, diseases such as food allergy, disaccharidase intolerance and gluten sensitive enteropathy may occur with intake of normal daily requirements. It is also vital to understand the role of obesity and common eating disorders in regards to gastroenterology as well as the techniques of enteral and parenteral nutrition support.

Track 13: Gastrointestinal Neoplasms Gastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

Gastrointestinal Neoplasms refers to the group of cancers that affect the digestive system which includes cancers of the oesophagus, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, bowel and anus. Symptoms of Gastrointestinal cancer related to the organ affected and can cause difficulty in swallowing or defecating, abnormal bleeding or other associated problems. Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal tumors ususally requires endoscopy, followed by biopsy of suspicious tissue. Treatment for Gastrointestinal cancer will depend on the type of cancer, the stage or its development, and other health factors. Treatment commonly includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The treatment depends on the location of the tumor, as well as the type of cancer cell and whether it has invaded other tissues or spread elsewhere. Gastrointestinal cancer is the most common form of cancer. More than 24,000 Australians are diagnosed with it each year and 33 Australians die of it each day. Gastrointestinal cancers do not discriminate between men and women.

Track 14 : Gastrointestinal Transplantation Gastro Conferences Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

Organ Transplantation is a boon to the mankind whose internal organs have started to deteriorate and is no longer functioning. Although, with the regular lifestyle changes and the disease progression, the patients requiring transplant is ever increasing while the organ donors are lesser in number. Organ Transplantation is suggested only when the organ has stopped responding to the treatments and is almost failing. Most of the organs in the gastrointestinal tract can be transplanted. For being eligible to be able to receive a transplanted organ, one should be able to satisfy all the required regulations set by the transplantation committee. 

Track 15 : Hepatology | Gastro Conferences | Hepatology Conferences Gastroenterology Conferences | Hepatitis Conferences Gastroenterology 2018 Gastroenterology Meetings

The study of liver, gallbladder, biliary tree, and pancreas as well as diagnosis and treatment of their disorders. More than two billion people have been infected with hepatitis B virus at some point in their life, and approximately 350 million have become persistent carriers. Over two billion individuals have been infected with hepatitis B at some point and around 350 million people are persistent carriers.  Hepatitis affects millions of individuals and is associated with several poor outcomes including liver transplant and liver cancer. Approximately 80% of liver cancers can be attributed to either hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus. With more wide spread implementation of vaccination and strict screening before blood transfusion, lower infection rates are expected in the future.

Market Analysis Report

Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine related to the gastroenterology tract i.e. stomach and intestines and the accessory organs of digestion (from the mouth to the anus). Some of the conditions treated under this specialty include but are not limited to: Crohn’s disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcer disease, celiac disease, colon cancer, heartburn, gastric cancer, diverticulitis, and ulcerative colitis.

The global market for gastrointestinal disorder therapeutics and diagnostics reached $49.6 billion in 2015. This market is expected to grow from nearly $51.8 billion in 2016 to $63.8 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% from 2016-2021.

As per the research report, the global gastrointestinal drugs market is anticipated to be worth US$61.1 billion by 2024. By drug class, acid neutralizers segment not led in the past, but is also expected to remain in the leading position in the coming years. 

In terms of geographical regions, the Americas will account for almost 55% of the total market shares by 2020 and will also be the major revenue contributor to the gastrointestinal therapeutics market throughout the forecast period. The rising acceptance of biologics and the introduction of healthcare reforms by various countries in the region will augment the market’s growth prospects in the next four years.

North America held 41% of the market in 2016. Europe has also been witnessing healthy growth and is anticipated to continue being an attractive region for gastrointestinal drugs market. “The emergence of biosimilars for treating inflammatory bowel diseases will also be a key growth driver for the market in Europe. However, Asia Pacific is estimated to be the region with maximum opportunities for growth in the coming years. The growing investments and funding in the field of life science research and advanced therapies for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in developing nations such as China and India will fuel the growth of the Asia Pacific market.



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